Scheda Tecnica

Picotec FSTK LED bars are characterized by high quality materials, both for the mechanical part and the optical and lighting part. The lighting source used by Picotec is inserted in an anodized aluminium drawing of wire, that acts as a sturdy support and as a heat sink, keeping the temperature of the lighting source within the specifications limits. The optical part of Picotec LED bars is made of a polycarbonate linear lens, with different emission angles, to concentrate more or less light according to the specific needs of ambient lighting.

Lighting source: High Power LED 2600 lm/m

Light beam width: 120°, 90°, 60°, 30° depending on the lens

Warm white: 3000K CRI: 82

Natural White: 4100K

Cold White: 6000K


In Dettaglio

Power supply 12Vcc or 24Vcc

Certified for electric safety (IEC60598-1) and photobiological safety (EN62471)
Dimensions: width 16 mm or 14 mm, custom length 

Applicazioni barre led fstk

The Picotec FSTK LED, positioned on the wall as a wall washer, or in a ceiling cloud, will provide a particularly pleasant effect as lighting, with adequate light for each environment.