Scheda Tecnica

The Picoring Lamp can be charged connecting a USB cable to the D outlet on the side, to the plug adapter included, or to whatever USB port (PC). When the tell-tale turns off, the charge is completed. Once charged, Picoring can be turned on by briefly pressing the A button on the base. This button can also be used to change the intensity of the light (the continuous regulation of light intensity can be operated by keeping the button pressed.) Picoring works cordless for several hours. This LED lamp can be used as needed: as an abat-jour in the living room or in the hall, or in the children's bedroom (it does not get hot). It is perfect on a table, in the garden or in the patio, to create a softer lighting, or on a wall with a hanger using the C eyelet. Moreover, the luminous part can rotate 90 degrees, changing the appearance of the lamp. It can be used in any place, without having to worry about the power supply. On the inside of the circular part, there are 33 microLEDs. This lamp uses the most advanced LED technology. It brings together a wonderful, warm lighting, longevity and small power consumptions. Thanks to its simple lines, Picotec gives a modern, cool, fun feel: the ultimate minimal style.

Design: Architect Tommaso Marchi


In Dettaglio

  • Product: table/wall Lamp
  • Color: natural wood, white, black, green, red
  • Material: Wood, Glass, Aluminium
  • Size: H 18 cm x Ø 12 cm
  • Features: 33 micro LED, 350 lumens (3 Watts)-rechargeable (charger included) and USB (USB cable included)
  • Duration: 4 hours at maximum intensity, longer if dimmed
  • Not weather resistant

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Portable table lamp