About Picotec

At Picotec, in Omegna (Verbania), we design and implement technological solutions, guided by our customers' aspirations. We have three business units: wellness, environmental lighting and special projects. A world of solutions born to meet the most diverse needs of the wellness sector, highly customized and with state-of-the-art technology. Combine our core competences: strong engineering know-how, reliability and customer orientation.

Picotec was founded in 2005 in the ambient lighting field

Thanks to our experience we rose to the challenge of bringing light into water: spotlights, strips and LEDs for shower heads. From here we developed a whole series of collaborations with important brands in the wellness field, such as Nobili Rubinetterie, Stella Rubinetterie and Franke.


Our electronic equipment complies with the highest quality and normative standards. Picotec is continuous improvement, cutting edge technology and greater simplicity.


We create products together with our customers: interpreting requirements, proposing solutions thanks to a long experience in the design and in the reference sectors.


Every single element of our electronic applications has a specific purpose. We tend to essential reduction, to what is truly important. And we do it better every time.

Picotec Philosophy

The soul and philosophy of picotec are those of its founder: Pierre Cusa. The passion for electronics is materialized by engineering, combined with the best schumpeterian animal spirits that see him as an entrepreneur with many business successes in many fields, always linked to the frontiers of technology.

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Technology and development

Along with chromotherapy management control boxes, there are those for aroma- and musicotherapy, with a growing number of possibilities and user interfaces that use frontier technologies such as piezoelectric keyboards, to which were added, in the course of time, capacitive touch display, remote controls, keypads and buttons.




Custom projects and consultancy

To lighting and wellness adds the world of tailored projects that the engineer follows first-hand, together with RD staff, such as design and custom manufacturing for several customers, last but not least we are engaged in the whole engineering and restyling of heat/humidity probes of the entire  TCP (Termal Plant Control) system of the Swiss group Zehnder for whom we curated, in addition to the technical part, the design.

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